Being Agile

Agile is a mindset not an entity, a framework or a methodology.

Agile is a collection of values and principles that encourage a certain type of behavior that when adopted may result in economic, cultural and operational benefits to organizations and individuals alike.

Being Agile is having the ability to continuously and dynamically balance predictability, adaptation and responsiveness to change.

“Agility”  can be achieved by embedding the core values and principles of Agile into your 4 pillars; people, product, processes and technologies (what I call your 3pts).

  • People – High performing individuals and empowered teams are at the heart of great companies around the world. Agility thrives by building up living networks and systems of people.

  • Products – Winning products are built by motivated and empowered teams. Agile reduces time to market and help you design products that are inline with market needs. Agile business teams can respond to client-project demands quicker, and adapt to market conditions more seamlessly.

  • Processes – Agile, Lean and Kaizen principles and challenge traditional project management processes, a old paradigm of a phased approach to managing execution, team structure a project cadence requires transformation into a continuous flow of work.

  • Technologies – Successful companies leverage technology and innovation to maximize business opportunities and value. Technologies optimize your business and product workflows enabling the creation of better product features. Technology empowers your business teams and help DevOps build more reliable and robust solutions.


Your business needs to be lean and recession-ready at all times. “Agility” will increase your ability to adapt and adjust and better prepare you for disruption and change.


Agility drives innovation, change and the evolution of process and tools. Agile processes enhance communication, eliminate waste and improve alignment across organizations.

Agile can help your teams integrate newer technologies and build up higher value and better solutions faster.  Agile can help your team better manage the adoption and use of latest technologies and tools.

Powerful and fast PAAS, IAAS and SAAS solutions require responsive, nimble and scalable solutions; these are best developed using Agile frameworks. Agile-Lean principles were are built to be adaptive and responsive this can help you deliver value by enabling better and more robust product architectures, designs and solutions at the right time and in time.