Lean Agility

Lean Agility Transformation

Traditional business with unique processes and tangibles require a unique blend of tools and a steeped approach that is more lean than Agile. Starting with the common goals of optimizing and improving the delivery of value leveraging a mix of Lean-Agile tools. Embedding continuous process improvement, eliminating waste and optimizing value streams.

3ptstobeagile approach to process improvement has helped businesses in various industries to reduce cycle times and reduce costs. We partner with with our clients to quickly identify waste, bottlenecks, cross departmental hand-over and often decisions that prevent progress. We partner to reengineer your core business processes so that teams can do their jobs faster, smarter and more easily; improving business performance overall.

Lean Agility Process Redesign

Process Analysis and Evaluation

A detailed evaluation of your business processes and value streams will help you identify opportunities and close the gap between where you processes are, what processes are currently delivering and what they must consistently deliver.

Process Flow Evolution

Processes Flow are only as good as your ability to deliver best employee and customer experience.  Reducing and or Eliminating Process Documentation is often key for eliminating delays and waste, improving people’s dedication for delivering value time and again. 

New Process Development

Market competitiveness is based on your ability to optimize your process development and operations.  The advent of new technologies and tools requires teams to redefine the way work to be done. At 3ptstobeagile we focus on doing the right thing with the right people skills in the most effective way possible, and that you are getting the most value from your resources.

Lean Agility Process Reengineering

Developing and replacing existing processes that are no longer necessary can help you exceed your business objectives. 3ptstobeagile Lean Agility Process Reengineering has helped teams in various functional areas to reengineer processes that are impacting speed, cost and quality.

Lean Agility Monitoring

3ptstobeagile Lean Agility Monitoring helps you validate the outcomes of the process changes.  By building up intelligence and proactively enabling tools into processes we allow continuous feedback on progress and performance to quality.  We partner with you to get the most out of your processes metrics by building intelligence into your core business processes operations.

Lean Agility Improvement Training

3ptstobeagile success is based on helping teams and organizations grow their abilities. We bring experience and training insights. We train your staff in continuous improvement and teach your team how to challenge themselves become effective.