Frameworkless Agility

If you want to stay competitive in a global market, you’re going to have to adopt some form of agility. – Orrell
{Frameworkless Agility} = Focusing on the essentials of Agile beyond the constraints of frameworks. Adopting Lean-Agile practices, principles and methods for the betterment of your business or personal environment.
Adopting Agile by first identifying the right context and developing a specific instance of Agile. At 3ptstoBeAgile we believe on embedding #frameworklessagility into your organization’s pillars people, products, processes and technologies.

Agile is growing, leadership is taking notice of the benefits and the frameworks need to more quickly change to further deliver value. On the last 10 years alone there have been a creation of over 30 publicly advertised instances of “Agile”.

We believe every instance of Agile is unique. There are thousands of use cases and examples of great success of Agile that not exemplify the good use and application of a framework but a well executed and coordinated approach, a great vision, directive and leadership. Experts in the industry are finally recognizing that a single approach (framework) for all presents many challenges and drawbacks. I am one of them. We believe you can be very successful by adopting the essentials of “Agile” and leveraging emergent practices, foundation principles and core values.  Embedding “Frameworkless Agility” into your people, products, processes and technologies can help your organization adapt, transform and thrive.

When choosing a scalable Agile framework like SAFe, LeSS, Scrum, etc. be sure to understand the context, goals and strategic objectives desired. On many instances the practices of different frameworks and methodologies when combined can be better suited to solve your particular business problem. Many of the scalable frameworks have very rules and fixed roles often requiring fundamental changes and restructuring of your organization. Don’t simply go implementing frameworks and methodologies without doing your research considering and evaluating the fundamental changes in structures and behaviors that will lead to long-lasting success. Free yourself from constraints of frameworks and methodologies chose what works for you, understand what has to change, change it and make sure you improve.