Agile Project Management Training

Course Description

Self-organizing teams are the cornerstone of Agile. Agile Project Management training uses the same principles of Agile with the idea of aligning projects and delivery teams. This training is recommended for organizations new to Agile that are still managing work in stages and gates. This workshop provides team members, project managers, business and software developers a better understanding of Agile and how it can be leveraged with traditional PM methodologies to help your teams collaborate more effectively and recognize opportunities for managing and executing projects with Agile.

Learning Outcomes

Through a combination of immersive team-based learning, exercises, and real-world case studies, participants will:

  • Be able to explain to others the “what” and “why” of Agile
  • Describe how Ceremonies, Roles and Artifacts can be used within traditional PM environments
  • Manage requirements in an Agile way
  • Estimate project features in a more effective way
  • Organize Project Scopes, Timelines and Deliverables in Sprints
  • Focus on optimizing traditional PM practices and processes


Agile Project Management Training (1 Day  Training )

Agenda – (1 Day  Training  – AM)

Day 1 – AM

• Welcome

• Team Building

• Purpose and Expectations

• The Foundation of  Project Management

• What is Agile Project Management?

• Why Agile Project Management?

• Agile Project Lifecycle

• Agile Project Scope and Discovery

• Agile Project Planning and Execution

• Agile Reporting and Documentation

• Agile Project Guidelines and Governance


Agenda – (1 Day  Training  – PM)

Day 1 – PM

• Building Agile Teams

• Building Agile Workflows

• Building Agile Processes

• Group Exercise – Gather and Discuss Actions

• Agile Tips and Tricks

• Take aways

• Next Steps