Happy teams perform best

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Motivated and engaged individuals are at the heart teams delivering successful projects, products and initiatives. Success is not just highly dependent on the happiness and skill-set of a team but on their ability to establish a continuous flow of outcomes that “positively impacts” their stakeholders and clients. Bellow 5 ingredients vital for building high performing teams; #1 Focused: Small enough to be effective, with multi-disciplinary roles and driven to deliver value #2 Co-creative Collaborative: Having a shared ability to contribute independently while maintaining a team flow #3 Built unity and cohesiveness in the system: Flexibility, Dynamism and Continuous Communication throughout your entire “ecosystem” #4 Visualize the whole: success can be best achieved by clearly identifying problems and bottlenecks, simplifying paths for decision making, and doing less and finishing more #5 “A vision”: Everyone is aligned; with a vested interest in outlining goals around objectives and outcomes with and understanding on what “I”, “We” and “The company” need to do. For more read – https://lnkd.in/enxVCtt and Go ahead Enable Agility. #businessagility #agilecoaching #agilecoach #agility #agilemindset #team