Is Technical Debt as a Systematic Problem?

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Have you ever consider Technical Debt as a System Problem? Technical debt can be caused by a deficit in practices, code quality, test coverage, etc. it’s not linear and adds up overtime. The causes vary greatly but the result impacts your team’s ability to become productive, effective and innovative. Reducing technical debt is complex and often times the biggest contributors are a bad relationship between the individual and the organization.Organizations are Complex systems that create complicated relationships between technology, people and processes. Technical debt therefore shows all the traits of a systemic problem. To reach some solutions, you can follow these steps; 1-Identify the most important systemic causes, 2-Describe some of the most important systemic effects, 3-Depict how these causes and effects work together within the system of software development and delivery, and 4-Decide how detailed the model of the system needs to be, to effectively address the problem. Painting a systemic picture of technical debt will highlight the causes and effects. This will also help: better address them as it helps identify the most significant causes and consequences, estimate or devise different strategies for successfully dealing with it and most importantly can lead to amore informed conversation among the people who contribute to, or are affected by, technical debt.  For more read –