Bureaucracy Vs. Agile

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Did you know that 85% of employees around the world feel disengaged from their work? Surveys show that Bureaucracy is one of the main drivers. About two-thirds of agile practitioners report higher team morale, increased productivity, greater ability to manage changing priorities, and faster time to market than they were experiencing before. To Learn and experience how agile works try sitting with strong agile teams. Strong Agile teams will get frustrated with corporate functions that slow their progress and challenge command-and-control management styles. This is a natural part of agile innovation as it is meant to drive continuous improvement as teams attack constraint after constraint in pursuit of perfection. To Develop personal, habitual agility adopt behaviors that Inspire and make others happy, break large projects into small manageable and attainable personal goals and focus on what matter most to those you love. Remember Failure is your friend, welcome and celebrate learning. At work, develop team agility by clarifying goals, breaking large problems into manageable tasks, prioritizing, and building rapid prototypes that could be validated with real customers. Be mindful of team happiness and productivity. The best way to become Agile is by teaching and coaching others. As a practitioner I seek to constantly uncover different and better ways of working and helping others do it. This is why I love what I do. Read – goo.gl/Sp6nfs – Go ahead be Agile – Visit – www.3ptstobeagile.com/3pts