Agile does not work!

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Agile does not work! Before you blaming the Framework, SM, PO, or team and decide on abandoning your “Agile Adoption or Transformation” try tackling these 5 things: 1. Be Lean. Understand your flow efficiency (work time / lead time), eliminate sources of waste and optimize the flow of value to your clients. 2. Identify all the sources of work, set and adhere to a balanced (70/30) approach to planned and unplanned work. 3. Don’t waste too much time sizing, estimating, scheduling and planning. Instead seek to understand the work, how it can be best broken down and how it impacts other dependent teams. 4. Benefits are only realized when the intended user has access to your product or application. Validate Fast and reduce risk by quickly closing the loop with the users. 5. KISS – Keep it Simple S*****. The solution can’t be more complex or difficult than the problem. Simplify, Streamline and manage complexity, refactor and automate what you can. Agile must be a catalyst for continuous improvement. And sorry, there’s no silver bullet. Spend time coaching your teams and invest time in training. Then, Go ahead Be Agile. Read –