What killed project management?

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What killed project management? Maybe the ineffective metrics and constant obsession with dates, scopes, predictability and efficiency over learning, adapting and experimenting. As a former project manager I think high level estimation, some form of goal/planning and full team engagement is necessary. Also, predictability to gage confidence/ progress and gained efficiency by eliminating wasteful actions and enabling continuous improvement can help you asses success and set expectations for client teams. Agility can help fine tune practices and continuously evolve the way you develop, experiment and learn. Shifting your mindset from project thinking into Product-Value can help define a continuous stream of value-delivering work, as it is prioritized and validated with stakeholders and customers. Old PM metrics, schedules, plans and tools can hinder productivity, efficiency and morale. Be Agile and don’t let “traditional project thinking” or “frameworks and tools” get in your way. Read – goo.gl/B9G184. Are you trapped in the Project Management world? Are you looking for ways for shifting gears into a more Agile Product driven mindset-culture?– I can help! – Visit – www.3ptstobeagile.com/3pts