Agility – Agile beyond frameworks!

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Agility – Agile beyond frameworks! When choosing a scalable Agile framework like SAFe, LeSS, Scrum, etc. be sure to understand the context, goals and strategic objectives desired. Combining frameworks and methodologies can be better suited to solve your particular business problem. Before you define the vision of your Agile adoption and make a decision on a framework, a specific method and/or practice follow these steps: Uno-Understand what business problem you are really trying to solve, Dos-Understand the benefits and limitations of all the different approaches, Tres-Understand the right context in which the methodology or framework desired is intended to operate, Cuatro-Choose any and all methodology or frameworks that are most likely to solve the business problem you have, Cinco-Gather your tribe and make sure there is support and engagement top-down to make the changes necessary for Agile to thrive. Don’t simply go implementing frameworks and methodologies without doing your research considering and evaluating the fundamental changes in structures and behaviors that will lead to long-lasting success. Free yourself from constraints of frameworks! Need help with your Agile Adoption? We can help! Read – -Go Ahead Be Agile. –