OpenSpace Agility (OSA) can be a breakthrough for all involved

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OpenSpace Agility (OSA) – It’s about people sharing a vision and self-organizing behind a common purpose for improving the workplace. In this “town hall-like” approach everyone is asked to respectfully and openly share thoughts and be honest about what’s going on, all without being directed or tasked to get involved. Executives, leaders, coaches, developers, etc. are all invited to actively get involved by participating in sessions structured over a period of weeks or months where participants decide what they want to talk about. Individuals collaborate and choose to work together on what they are most passionate about. “The OpenSpace Agility approach treats all participants in the space as equals” – D. Mezick and D. Pontes. OSA can help set the stage for debate by enabling the necessary conditions for discussions to emerge and decisions to be made. OSA is not just about facilitating your Agile Adoption, is about aligning people behind a purpose,getting them engaged and motivated to participate, take action and bring change. Using OSA can be a breakthrough for all involved. Will it work for you? Try it and let me know how it goes. Read Go Ahead Be Agile! – Visit –

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