He said – She Said!

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He said – She Said! Disagreement and conflict are part of our job as leaders. We always want to do our best; sometimes we simply fail to connect on the goal, vision and purpose. I believe innovation thrives with “positive conflict”, when people with different points of view, backgrounds and perceptions “clash” into collaboration mode. Here are some recommendations for successfully addressing difficult people and getting them into “collaboration mode”: Let’s get along, Don’t Ignore the Conflict, Keep your cool, Put Things into Perspective, Have Empathy and be Respectful, Learn and Move on. Read Roman’s – https://lnkd.in/eU6GMtv. When navigating conflict at work remember to always stay calm, be respectful and have empathy. Do you want to know how Agility can help jumpstart your teams? I can help! – Visit – www.3ptstobeagile.com/3ptsHe said – She Said! Click To Tweet