Agile Frameworks

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Agile Frameworks can vary greatly so I always recommended talking to an expert to learn more about what is best for your type of business, size and industry. Very structured frameworks like SAFe can help facilitate the Agile Adoption over traditional waterfall run companies. In large organizations LeSS and Scrum can be better for quickly training and rapidly scaling already performing Agile teams. These approaches although very effective can be long-lived, possibly taking away resources, time and money. In the startup world things need to move faster, you don’t have much time or money. Simple processes are best and you need to flexibility adapt as you go. More adaptive Lean-Agile frameworks such as ES, OSA and FAST might be better options. These can be more easily tailored to your business, often requiring lesser resources and time. With Agile there is always a choice. A good coach can help! Need help with your Agile Adoption? Need help adjusting your current Agile Framework?