“Frameworkless Agility”

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“Frameworkless Agility” – Far too often leaders get frustrated with their “Agile Adoption” and decide on abandoning “Agile” all together. This is, No Bueno! While many experts recommend adopting a prescribed framework such as Scrum before adjusting, I believe on taking a different approach. M. Burrow’s 5 principles for organizational adaptability may present you with new opportunities and help evaluating options for adopting Agile, 1-Start with needs, 2-Agree on outcomes, 3-Keep the agenda for change visible, 4-Manage options, testing assumptions, 5-Organize for clarity, speed, and mutual accountability. A trained coach can help adjust your existing framework helping boost performance on existing practices delivering value without specific tools and frameworks. When an “Agile Framework” does not seem to align with your team’s and the client’s processes and tools, what do you do? You change it and try again! Do you need help with your Agile Adoption? I can help! Read – goo.gl/gWRd8D – Visit – www.3ptstobeagile.com/3pts