Agility and Consulting

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A successful consulting business requires a vision and purpose, unique value proposition along with a desirable product or service offering. If you are a consultant or are planning on becoming one here are 9 things to consider: 1-Find a niche where your knowledge, experience and interests converge, 2-Get certified, 3-Set short and long term goals, 4-Research your target market, 5-Build and nurture your network, 6-Establish your fees and how you will bill clients, 7-Invest in advertising and marketing, 8-Identify your strengths and outsource the rest, 9-Go Social. To be successful executing your vision create a priority list, have it organized and structured to allow for the completion of work and delivery of business value in short increments of time. Want to find out how Agile can help build your business? Reach out to me Iā€™m happy to help! Read- ā€“ Go Ahead Be Agile! Visit ā€“