OpenSpace Agility (OSA)

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PULL vs. PUSH – Agile adoptions and transformations usually follow a pre-established blueprint approach that “PUSH” teams into adapting processes and practices. Some trainers teach frameworks by following rules and guidelines without considering the point of view of individual team members. In contrast, there is a more Agile “PULL” approach called OpenSpace Agility (OSA) that differs from the typical style of forcing practices on teams. In this structured “town hall” approach, conversation and connection are valued over commodity and compliance. OSA creates an “open space” where everyone affected gets an opportunity to express what they think about the current process. Emphasizing cycles of experimentation and inspection of the process itself yields high levels of self-management across the enterprise. There are clear benefits for mastering the practices of pre-established frameworks such as ES, Scrum, SAFe, etc. However, it is important for coaches to build an environment where teams continuously experiment, adapt new practices, openly discuss issues and create opportunities for collaboration. Try using OSA during your next adoption and transformation and let me know how it goes. Read – Go Ahead Be “Open” and Be Agile. Visit –