Learning Agility

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“Learning Agility” teaches leaders to adapt, adjust and become more comfortable with uncertainty and change. Agile Leadership is about improving the whole (what I call your 3pts) while staying flexible and quickly responding to opportunities and challenges. Here are 13 things you can do to grow your Agile leadership skills: Uno – Embrace Your Team, Dos – Have a Vision, Tres – Focus on Talent, Embrace Diversity and Culture, Cuatro – Go Outside Of Your Usual Circle For Insight, Cinco – Exercise Your Body, Spirit and Mind, Seis – Continue trying new things and not being afraid to fail, Siete – Pay attention and Listen, Ocho – Think And Move Quickly, Nueve – Build up Confidence, Diez – Experiment, Once -Know And Develop Yourself, Doce – Take Action In Spite Of Fear, Trece – Be Willing To Fail. Find ways to embed these in your daily routine life and Go ahead learn to be Agile! Great Read! -goo.gl/iVffSV For more Visit – www.3ptstoBeAgile.com