Conflict can be Agile

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Conflict can be Agile – Conflict at work is usually a natural consequence of different people working together and caring about driving change and action. Disputes and Conflicts are never easy. When left checked can quickly derail or even destroy even a high performing team. On the other hand the emergence of healthy conflict or difference of opinion are often necessary and can even be positive and productive when creating opportunities for improvement. In case of conflict; use these six steps to facilitate or expedite resolution: Recognize the Severity and level of mediation of conflicts, disagreement or dispute, Establish a Neutral Position, Use ā€œIā€ statements to express the individuals point of view and emotional perspective, Re-frame the conflict into a constructive set of actions, processes and plans and Close up with a conversations about the proposed solution. The most important thing to do is to quickly take action. Good Conflict can lead to continuous improvement resulting in progress as teams mature into a high performing stage. Leaders and Coaches use these steps and let me know how they work. Go Ahed Be Agile! Read – ā€“ visit