The third wave of Agility

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The third wave of Agility; Business Agility is sifting entire organizations into adopting an Agile mindset, effectively creating an end-to-end Agile ecosystem. Click To Tweet The world is getting smaller and the dynamics of the market are increasingly disruptive, volatile and uncertain. Newer concepts for creating and sustaining innovation revolve around testing creative ideas, devising potential solutions and delivering value to clients early and often. Agile Frameworks and Lean Principles Focus on People, Building and Prototyping, Showing results, Foster Collaboration, Expedite decisions and streamline process help build a sustainable environment that drives innovation. Seek for ways to streamline the flow connecting Design – Execution – Value Delivery as they set up the foundation for building a thriving Business Agility. Design Thinking and Business Agility thrive at the intersection between what is viable for the business, feasible in terms of available technology and desirable to consumers. Companies looking to innovate can adopt some of the principles and practices found within Design Thinking to implement their own Business Agility Ecosystem. Read – Go ahead be Agile! Visit