Be responsible and Be Agile!

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The Responsibility Process™ helps us move towards more self-mastery, shapes our emotional intelligence and builds up our the ability to recognize and channel our emotions at home and at work. The Responsibility Process is a 7-step approach to becoming aware of the states as we move to a mindset of responsibility. Responsibility according to Chris Avery is something that we can see and learn — it is a mental state. When we have a problem we fall out of the mental state of responsibility. We often end up searching for answers ultimately getting trapped in 6 other states: Denial, Lay Blame, Justify, Shame, Obligation and Quit. The goal Responsibility is having the power and the ability to “find and resolve the real problem.” Next time you run into a situation ask yourself where you are, make and assessment and move quickly trough the other “6 states”. Focus on your emotions and your mindset. Continuously Improving relationships at home and at work is critical for your personal and professional growth. As a leader you can apply these concepts to improve yourself and your teams! Let me know how these work! Be responsible and Be Agile! Read – – – Visit –