Agility and Anticipation

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Agility and Anticipation – Organizations that have adopted an anticipatory mindset and culture are better equipped to tackle the exponential wave or disruption and change. Agility is no longer enough it needs to be balanced with a strategy to become more “Anticipatory” and less reactive. In a proper context Agile can be effective for managing unpredictable change, reacting and solving problems and creating a sustainable competitive advantage over slower rivals. However, when Being Agile is not enough you can use the Anticipatory Model to turn disruption and change into an opportunity, identify and act on change and pre-solve problems before they occur, drive exponential innovation with reduced risk and my favorite jump ahead of competitors with confidence and certainty. I’m looking forward to reading D. Burru’s Anticipation—The More Powerful Option. Do me a favor, do not confuse Agility with being reactive and always seek opportunities for anticipation. Go Ahead Be Agile and Anticipate – For more read the Anticipatory Organization Model – – visit