Agile is not a Silver Bullet

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Agile has helped companies deliver value fast however, still faces the old challenges of traditional management structures. At the core Agile is about embedding client and teams adapting, adjusting to constant change. When implementing Frameworks by mindful of improving transparency without taking away autonomy and self-organization. Click To TweetThe most important thing is communicating the goals, vision and larger context. Instead of pushing work to individuals, empower teams to decide what and how to build ensuring they’re able to do whatever is necessary without waiting for others to give permission or provide assistance. It is key for your biz and tech teams to understand and empathize with the pains of the client. If SAFe, Scrum, etc. don’t work seek for newer models that distribute authority, are self-organizing and truly invite your customers, partners and employees to own the process. Go ahead be Agile –