Agile Strategy and SaaS

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Agile maximizes business value through an iterative approach focused on delivering quality software early and often. I’m constantly reminded that customer value is only realized in production. “Agilists” know “Value” is the purpose of being Agile and the goal behind leveraging the framework. I believe is what maintains, increases and drives team motivation and focus. SaaS product companies and supportive software architectures when combined with Agile enable a more nimble project execution and delivery of high quality software. At SIM we have adopted Agile-Scrum in the Dev Ops team but that’s only the beginning. We acknowledge that in order to “be Agile” across all teams we need a strategy: Training, Evangelization, C-Level Support, Processes and in my opinion a disciplined and methodic approach to prioritization across all teams. A good strategy coupled with a focus on your 3pts you enable Agility and help your team -Deliver Value Fast-read –