Continuous Improvement Restrospectives

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Agile helps your enterprise become more flexible, responsive and lean.  I believe one of the best practices to help sustain and expand agility is to focus on continuous improvement. Product Development and Software Organizations rely TDD, XP, Continuous Integration, Scrum, Kanban, etc. to improve capabilities and deliver value to their customers. However, organizations unique culture, business domain or market require changes or revisions to those practices. Otherwise you may miss out on an important opportunity to improve your 3pts.

Adoption and Implementing Improvement actions take time. Leveraging Retrospectives could help your  team develop sustainable, regular and continuous solutions to current and future problems. Great “Retros” will build up collaboration and engagement as the whole team participates and agrees on recommendations and what they can do improve.

For your next retro; identify a great facilitator, have the meetings in open environment and make them fun. After your retro try implementing quick actions for two weeks and establish metrics to assess impact on actions. I’m sure overtime you will see a positive impact in your team. Read more –